Most nail polishes on the market are not only full of major toxins but are also so heavy on the environment. When considering clean beauty products, you must also consider clean and safe nail care options and eliminate nail products that are packed with toxic chemicals. It is time to ditch that toxic nail treatment experience and enjoy a safe, transparent, and elegant nail care experience.

Côte is a clean, safe nail polish that gives you a chip-resistant long-lasting shine without sacrificing your health. We are excited to partner with Côte, who shares our mission to live happier and healthier with better than clean products. Shop our limited-edition Spring Fling Set! Côte also recycles all its used polish bottles, a win – win! Join in on the process and return your used bottles. You can find more more details on Côte’s website!

Safe nail care does not stop at nail polish. When the time comes for a fresh new nail set, remove your nail polish with a reusable cotton pad which will make for less cotton in landfills. The use of reusable cotton pad will also cut down the water waste as it takes 20,000 liters to make 1 kilogram of cotton. Did we mention you will also save money on disposable beauty products?

Pair that reusable cotton pad with a non-toxic glass bottled vegan nail polish remover and you will drastically reduce your chemical exposure that can harm your skin, immune system, and hormonal development. All while also reducing plastic waste as traditional polish removers come in plastic bottles.

Products that are safe for you, the planet AND save us money? Count us in!