The Jensen family

Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals (EDCs) can be naturally occurring or man made substances that negatively impact the body’s endocrine system, which uses hormones to control and coordinate the body’s key functions. Since these chemicals can cause excessive or minimal hormone production, they directly increase the likelihood of several health issues. Fertility struggles are very common, but EDCs can contribute to many serious conditions. The endocrine system is responsible for the healthy functioning of both sexes’ reproductive systems as well as the thyroid, pituitary gland, and other areas. These mysterious chemical compounds are prevalent in thousands of products including cosmetics, food and beverage packaging and can be found in products labeled “clean.”

Considering how uneducated the public is about EDCs, many people experience long-term side effects and complications because of them. For Ben and Sara Jensen, EDCs contributed to their 14 year infertility struggle. The couple struggled with conceiving even at a young age. It wasn’t until they visited multiple reproductive specialists that they learned EDCs are linked to infertility. The knowledge was heartbreaking. Ben and Sara imagined building a loving family like many married couples. However, they were unable to.The pair was lucky enough to be surrounded by caring family members, two of whom volunteered to become surrogates who later birthed their son and daughter. This started the Jensen’s commitment to providing solutions for hormonal health, and left behind their highly successful careers at prestigious companies to found Hugh & Grace. Named after their miracle babies, Hugh and Grace is a wellness brand that supports hormone health with natural, powerful, versatile skin care, wellness and home care products.

Using their children’s names for the company was more than an expression of love. The names were thoughtfully chosen by Ben and Sara after so many years of hardship. They carry a sentiment of hope and inspiration for others. Hugh means heart, mind, and spirit while Grace signifies goodness, generosity, and love. These principles are deeply rooted in everything the brand does and creates.

Hugh & Grace was founded in 2020 at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. The company thrived during this time because of their emphasis on community driven initiatives. Now in its third year, Hugh & Grace uses clinically proven ingredients to create products for general wellness, skincare, and home care needs. All of their products are formulated to help improve health and appearance, and are safe for the whole family, including children and even during pregnancy.

In addition to offering uniquely formulated body oils, multi-purpose cleaners, and collagen peptides, Hugh & Grace’s products are formulated to help detox, repair and protect the body from harmful chemicals. Their products are produced in the USA and contain natural ingredients like blue tansy oil, vitamin E, passionfruit seed oil, and Kaolin clay. They have created their own essential oil scent included in each of the products in lieu of fragrances. Hugh & Grace strives to employ sustainable practices wherever they can, using glass bottles and being certified with the GMP (Good Manufacturing Process) accreditation.

To ensure they’re creating the most effective and safe products, Sara and Ben have built a diversely qualified team of advisors that specialize in fields like reproductive endocrinology, environmental exposure testing, and OB GYN practices.

Outside of medicine and research, Hugh & Grace values their customers and larger communities. Their Advocate program allows individuals passionate about the brand to earn an income by selling and promoting their products. Ben and Sara decided to implement this model due to the company’s personal backstory and the notion that personal stories are best told word of mouth, with authenticity, versus through social media ads and algorithms. The founders also believe including the community is the best way to educate the public on a wider scale. Ben and Sara have seen these ambitions come to life through their cross country tours in the Hugh & Grace RV. The couple has held over 60 wellness events in one year and enjoys interacting personally with their community and customers. They get to see the impact their company and story has had for people from all backgrounds.

Ben and Sara are very grateful for their miracle babies that have brought light to their lives. However, with this happiness comes a sense of responsibility to those still facing issues related to EDCs. Building Hugh & Grace and bravely sharing their story with the world has allowed them to give back to those in need. It has changed the lives of many customers, Advocates and of Ben and Sara too. The couple is forever grateful for their decision to design naturally effective products and an inclusive community.

“Hugh & Grace was created with the simple idea to help others by providing solutions and hope to some of the problems we faced ourselves. When we started our company, we knew we couldn’t create a solution solely by creating and selling products. From the beginning, my husband and I understood that creating awareness through education and community would be at the core of our future company. So when we founded Hugh & Grace, our Advocates became our top priority. Our cross country tours have allowed us to share our mission and products, but also create an incredible, supportive community that lifts and encourages its members to achieve their individual goals and also provides support and connection for their customers,” says Sara Jensen.

Published by Hilary Tetenbaum. read the original article here.