Momtastic Highlights Hugh & Grace With The 3 Most Important Clean Beauty Swaps You Should Make Right Now

The clean beauty trend has moved at a fast and furious pace and it is definitely here to stay. The newest member of the clean beauty club is Hugh & Grace. Just launched, the brand is already making waves in the industry thanks to their thoughtfully designed products. Their entire line is formulated with natural ingredients…

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The Zoe Report Features New Skincare Brand Hugh & Grace With 3 Products That Define Clean Beauty In A Totally Different Way

The definition of clean beauty is still somewhat blurry, but terms are becoming far more familiar. But even if you have the no-no lists memorized, non-toxic is far more encompassing than this, especially when it comes to messing with your hormones. New skincare brand Hugh & Grace decided to explore this and widen the scope of how…

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