Forbes Features Hugh & Grace In their Holiday Gift Guide For Best Men’s Skincare Products For Travel

Jan 13, 2021

It may be quite some time before we're able to travel as freely as we once did, and even when borders reopen, travel may never look the same again. 

According to the Forbes Business Councilpost-COVID trends include more vacation rentals over hotels, more road trips close to home, and the rise of contactless and digital technologies in travel. 

But regardless of how travel may change, keeping up a good skincare routine while on the road will always be paramount. Whether you’re partying and indulging on vacation or traveling for work with stress at a high level, skincare is a simple self-care routine you can return to in the morning or at night. And that’s not to mention the skincare needs of specific destinations, whether that’s SPF facial moisturizer and healing creams for the beach trip or a healing body balm to soothe sore muscles after a flight.

When shopping for travel-friendly men’s skincare products, you’ll want to consider size and portability for carry-on luggage as well as versatility—find a balance between products that fulfill a number of different functions as well as those that are tailored to a specific need, say an eye cream or a shave kit. Ready to start? Here are 18 standout men’s skincare products that are perfect for travel.


Restore & Renew Serum Set by Hugh & Grace

This reinvigorating two-serum set by Hugh & Grace hydrates and protects to ensure all-day vibrant skin. The Restore Serum uses active Vitamin C & E to promote a clear and radiant complexion, while the Renew Serum boosts Vitamin A to regenerate and strengthen the skin’s moisture barrier, and omega rich fatty-acids to nourish. $170.


Published on December 14, 2020 by Dan Q. Dao. Read the original article here.