From Personal Experience

I’m Sara, co-founder of Hugh & Grace. My husband and I created our company based on what we learned during our 14-year struggle with unexplained infertility. During one of our rounds of IVF, the doctor told me to avoid eating sweet potatoes, because they could have estrogenic effects and could alter my hormones. At that point I was getting my hormone levels checked almost daily, and we thought if something as simple as sweet potatoes could alter our hormones, what else was out there? What we learned was shocking: chemicals known as hormone disruptors are found in most personal care products, including clean, non-toxic products. Hormones disruptors disrupt our hormones, which regulate almost every function in our body. Hormone disruptors are linked to infertility, cancers, obesity, Alzheimer’s and many other diseases. The average woman puts on 168 chemicals a day, the average man 85. Everyone’s hormones are disrupted daily.

When we realized no one outside the medical community was talking about hormone disruption, we set out to create a solution. We traveled the country interviewing top formulators and experts. We built a world-renowned medical advisory board and partnered with top natural formulators with over 400 years of green chemistry on their team to create first-of-their kind products to address hormone disruption. We created high-performing, luxurious, natural products formulated without hormone disruptors that help build skin immunity and protect the skin from chemical exposure. Our products are safe for pregnancy, babies and are also gender neutral.
Incredibly, two of our family members volunteered to be our surrogates, and we now have our little miracles: Hugh & Grace. We named our company after our little ones who inspire us daily to help people make healthier choices and address this issue, one product at a time.