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Welcome to The Source! We are so happy you’re here. The Source is Hugh & Grace’s weekly blog that is dedicated to raising awareness surrounding the harmful effects that Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals (EDCs) have on our bodies. Our goal is to provide helpful resources.

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Lathering Bodies with Chemical Slurries

We Need to Wake Up. The European Union has either restricted or completely banned more than 1,300 chemicals used in personal care products. In the US? Only eleven. The Guardian reports “The pend...

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Everyday Toxic Chemicals: How to Protect Your Health

You might have heard about “endocrine disrupting chemicals,” “hormone disrupting chemicals” or “EDCs.” These are all terms for the same thing: toxic chemicals that mess up hormones. BPA (bisphe...

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Hormone Disrupting Environmental Chemicals

Even Low Dose Exposure Matters. The Endocrine Disruption Organization states that hormone disrupting chemicals (also known as endocrine disrupting chemicals or EDCs) do not have a single potency...

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Beauty And The Toxic Beast

Lead And Coal Tar On Your Head. There are hundreds of hair dye products that consumers can choose from, and in those hundreds of products are combinations of more than 5,000 different chemicals ...