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What to Avoid, What to Embrace

If you read the backs of the ingredient labels of these common products, you’ll see that chemical ingredients practically make up the bulk of many of the common items we use every day.

So how can you stay protected?

In addition to buying more natural, chemical and toxin-free products, the most important step is to educate yourself, which is why we wrote this guide for those who are pregnant. Recognize what you’re putting into your body and the prospective dangers.

Remember, it’s not just your quality of life that you’re helping improve, but also making sure your little one has the best possible start on their own.

Try Hormone-Safe Skin Care

After extensive research on how to detox, repair and protect our bodies from these toxic chemicals, we partnered expert natural formulators to develop hormone-safe self care products.

Our products are not just clean, they are #BetterThanClean, free from hormone disrupting chemicals. Perfect for this important time.

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